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Friday, August 23, 2019
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CrossRoads Children's Center

2394 Erringer Road, Simi Valley, CA 93065
CrossRoads Children's Center (CRCC) is a Christian education program of The United Methodist Church, Simi Valley. The purpose of the school is to complement the child's family in providing a Christian environment and means for social, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual growth. The school seeks to provide the child, at the early formative stage in life, with a Christian atmosphere. We provide an experience that encourages an awareness of the child and the parent of God's love for them as His children.
Our school is open to boys and girls of any race or religion. Each preschool class will have exposure to basic Christian principles and Bible stories on a daily basis. In our religious circle, the child will participate in Bible stories, songs and prayer. Once a week, the children will participate in Chapel time in our church Sanctuary.
The staff at CrossRoads Children's Center will plan a developmentally appropriate program for the children. In planning, they will take into account the age of the group they work with and the best way for those children to learn. Attention will be given to individual needs of each child. We wish to provide an environment of Christian love and warmth where children may develop a feeling of self worth and a love for God.
CrossRoads Children's Center classrooms and curriculum are designed to optimize the use of developmental principles of early childhood education. Children are encouraged to explore and discover, to create and imagine. Classroom features provide for dramatic play, manipulative and cognitive activities, art activities, and books. Outside playtime is part of our program, which helps strengthen muscle development and encourages physical fitness.
Our circle time helps develop reading and math readiness. Manipulatives that look like play, such as puzzles, games and building activities, are essential in developing visual perception skills. Games using visual and auditory skills of perception, memory, and matching also foster pre-academic skills.
Social development is very important to future success in school. During our group time, children learn how to be a part of a group activity with the teacher as facilitator. Circle time may include music, body movement, science or math activities, stories (books or flannel graph), games or sharing.
We have a daily religious emphasis time, which includes simple Bible stories, music and prayer. Chapel is held one day a week and is led by the Director. No specific church doctrine is taught; rather simple Bible truths are expressed: God loves each one of us and we are all special to God.
We offer a variety of weekday schedules. Please contact the office for your specific needs.
Parents of part-time students may on occasion make requests for additional hours of childcare. This needs to be approved by the Director and additional charges for childcare will be applied. 
Program Information
We are licensed by the State of California Department of Social Services to serve children three through five years of age who are toilet trained and two year old children who do not need to be fully toilet trained yet.  An initial registration conference is required in order to complete appropriate forms, discuss policies and procedures of CrossRoads Children’s Center and answer any questions parents may have about our program.  Our hours of operation are 6:30 am to 6:00 pm